The restaurant is, in fact named after the President of Magellan Development, David Carlins, childhood friend Robert Mallin, who was nicknamed "EGGY" (after his self-described egg-shaped head) back in the late 1960's. Characterized by his friends as loyal, fair and philanthropic, Robert "Eggy" Mallin personifies what Eggy's is all about - family, friends and community.

Eggy's black on white.jpg

Born: February 28, 1963 in Edgewater Hospital (Chicago, IL).

How did you get the name Eggy? 

I’ve always had a freakishly large head. Actually this caricature of me is drawn to scale. I’m basically a real life bobble-head doll.

Hobbies: I have completed 10 iron man races and over 30 Marathons, which is especially impressive when you consider that my giant egg-shaped melon isn’t very aerodynamic. 

Passions: Family, fitness, and eating at Eggy’s 

(not necessarily in that order).

Random Thought: Humpty Dumpty was pushed!


Designed by Karen Herold of the acclaimed 555 International

We wanted Eggy's to have somewhat of a "Mayberry" feel to it. Similar to diners of the 1960's. We want people to have a real sense of community and place when they set foot in the door. People working and living in the area can just drop in and enjoy dishes that remind them of home cooking, but with a focus on freshness, local ingredient sourcing and seasonality.